Roland V-60HD HD Video Production Switcher with Audio
by Roland

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Live event production and streaming continues to grow and the demand for more features requires a sophisticated feature set. The V-60HD simplifies your set-ups and combines the best of both worlds that includes SDI inputs for camera sources and scaled HDMI inputs for data, computer, tablet and other video sources. The combination of powerful audio features that include multi-channel embedded audio, XLR and RCA analog inputs, de-embedded audio from digital SDI or HDMI sources plus a variety of video connections with a Program and Aux Bus makes the V-60HD ideal for a variety of live event production and streaming applications.

  • Video: Cut, Mix with cross dissolve and NAM, FAM transitions.
  • Use up to 30 different wipe patterns.
  • Time based corrected and frame synched provides seamless transitions between 6 video sources and 2 still images instead of buses.
  • Audio: 18-channel audio mixer which includes four XLR/TRS Combo jacks with 48v phantom power, RCA stereo Pair, plus audio de-embed from the six video inputs.
  • High-pass filter, gate, compressor, 3-band EQ, delay and ability to select audio follows video channel so audio passes through when a specific video source is selected.
  • Auto-Mixing function ensures the correct mix for multiple panel participants at conferences by automatically adjusting levels across multiple audio sources.

  • Video Processing: 4:2:2 (Y/Pb/Pr), 8-bit
  • Input Connectors: SDI IN 1--4: BNC type x 4 (Conforms to SMPTE 424M 292M. HDMI IN 5--6: HDMI type A x 2 (HDCP and Multi-format Supported). RGB/COMPONENT IN 6: HD DB-15 type x 1 (INPUT 6: HDMI or RGB/COMPONENT selected. Multi-format Supported).
  • Output Connectors: SDI OUT 1--2: BNC type x 2. HDMI OUT 1--2: HDMI type A x 2. HDMI MULTI-VIEW: HDMI type A x 1.
  • Video Effects: Transition: CUT, MIX (DISSOLVE/FAM/NAM), WIPE (30 types)Composition: PinP (SQUARE, CIRCLE, HEART, DIAMOND), SPLIT (4 types), DSK (Luminance Key, Chroma Key) Others: Flip horizontal, Output fade, Still Image Capture, Still Image Playback, Test pattern output.
  • Audio Processing: Sampling rate: 24 bits/48 kHz
  • Audio Formats: SDI IN: Linear PCM, 24 bits/48 kHz, 2ch (Conforms to SMPTE 299M). SDI OUT: Linear PCM, 24 bits/48 kHz, 8ch (Conforms to SMPTE 299M). HDMI IN/OUT: Linear PCM, 24 bits/48 kHz, 2ch.
  • Input Connectors: Digital: SDI IN 1--4: BNC tyep x 4. HDMI IN 5--6 (HDMI Type A 19 pins) x 2. Analog: AUDIO IN 1--4: Combo type (XLR, 1/4-inch TRS phone), phantom power. AUDIO IN 5--6: RCA phono type.
  • Phantom Power: DC 48 V (unloaded maximum), 10 mA (maximum load)
  • Audio Effects: Auto Mixing, EQ, Delay, Compressor, HPF, Gate, Multi-Band Compressor, Limiter.
  • Power Consumption: 37.0 W

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