Radial SB-5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box
by Radial

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Radial SB-5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box
The Radial SB5W is a stereo direct box made to fit in a standard single-gang electrical wall plate. This provides the AV integrator with a simple, yet effective means of connecting an unbalanced analog audio source such as the headphone output from a laptop computer, iPhone, tablet or line level source such as a CD player to a balanced audio system via a permanently mounted interface.

The design begins with all-steel construction for maximum durability and a fully shielded back box to help eliminate pollution from electromagnetic fields caused by dimmers, ballasts, power cables and transformers. Front panel 3.5mm TRS and RCA connectors provide a standard interface for any stereo source and a fully variable level control makes volume adjustments easy. Inside, the SB5W employs two great sounding transformers to convert the high impedance signal to a balanced low impedance capable of driving cables upwards to 100 meters (300') without noise. Transformers further benefit by eliminating hum and buzz caused by so-called ground loops and stray DC voltages that are common when interfacing consumer grade audio devices with professional audio systems. This is augmented with a set & forget ground lift switch. Should channel count be a problem, a recessed mono switch passively sums the stereo signal to a single output. The outputs feature screw terminals with tie-down points for tie-wraps to make installation fast, efficient and permanent.

Finished in a durable black powder coat and sized to fit a standard Decora wall plate, the Radial SB5W looks sharp with any color faceplate while providing clear labeling for easy manipulation for the pros and novices alike.

The Radial SB5W Wall plate DI... a world-class connectivity solution by Radial.

Radial SB-5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box
  • LEVEL - Let's you adjust the volume level of your source device.
  • MONO - Mixes the left and right inputs together and outputs a mono signal to the PA system.
  • LIFT - Disconnects the audio ground of both channel outputs to eliminate him and buzz created by ground loops.
  • 3.5MM INPUT - Stereo mini-phone jack lets you connect mobile devices such as laptop computers, MP3 players or tablets. Plugging in here will deactivate the RCA connectors.
  • RCA INPUT - A stereo pair of RCA inputs lets you connect a wide range of consumer electronics such as CD/DVD players and digital players/recorders.
  • STEEL ENCLOSURE COVER - Protects the audio circuit from electromagnetic and radio interference.
  • EXTRA DURABLE SWITCHES - With metal outer casing are rated at over 20,000 cycles for added durability.
  • DUAL POTENTIOMETERS - Doubled up solder points for greater durability. Steel casing with steel shaft and retention nut will not bend under stress.
  • TRANSFORMER ISOLATION - Eliminates buzz & hum caused by ground loops.
  • CIRCUIT BOARD - Double sided military grade with through-hole solder points for extra durability. Full surface ground plane to reduce susceptibility to noise.
  • CONNECTORS - Made from glass-filled nylon are insulated for reduced noise and feature nickel-silver contacts that will not tarnish.
  • TIE-WRAP HOLD-DOWNS - Slots cut in the steel frame for tie-wraps (included) help secure the cable and provide strain relief for the connectors.
  • OUTPUT TERMINALS - Balanced left and right mic-level outputs connections are made via two screw-down terminals.

Radial SB-5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box
  • Audio circuit type: Passive transformer isolated
  • Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Dynamic range: >120dB
  • Noise floor: -101dBu
  • Equivalent input noise: -98dBu
  • Maximum input: +20dBu
  • Phase deviation: 0° @ 100Hz; -3° @ 50Hz
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.002%
  • Input impedance: Approx 10K with 100K Load
  • Output impedance: 5k Ohms
  • Gain: -3dB
  • Clip level - output: +17dBu
  • Stereo Separation: >77dB

Radial SB-5W Wall-Mounted Stereo Direct Box
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