AvailableClearance ItemPrice
3ADJ COB Cannon Wash (Factory Re-Certified)$275.00
18ADJ COB Cannon Wash DW (Factory Re-Certified)$275.00
4ADJ COB Cannon Wash ST (Factory Re-Certified)$275.00
5ADJ DMX OPERATOR 384 (Factory Re-Certified)$120.00
4ADJ MOD QA60 (Factory Re-Certified)$180.00
1ADJ MOD QW100 (Factory Re-Certified)$200.00
225ADJ Par 46 200 Watt Black Par Can with Clamp (Used)$10.00
148AKG DRUM SET SESSION 1 High Performance 7-Piece Drum Microphone Set$250.00
7Antari DarkFX UV Spot 670 Ultraviolet LED Wash (Factory Re-Certified)$325.00
2Antari DarkFX UV Wash 2000 High Powered Ultraviolet LED (Factory Re-Certified)$770.00
10Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H4 IP - 6 Pack with Charging Case (Certified Used)$2,250.00
1Chauvet DJ Freedom H1x4 Wireless Battery Powered LED Wash (Factory Re-Certified)$500.00
1Chauvet DJ FXpar 9 Multi-Effect LED Par (Factory Re-Certified)$100.00
1Chauvet DJ Intimidator Beam 355 IRC (Factory Re-Certified)$600.00
1Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 360 (Factory Re-Certified)$600.00
1Chauvet DJ SlimPAR Pro RGBA 42w LED Par Can (Certified Used)$100.00
1Chauvet DJ SlimPAR T12 USB RGB LED Wash Light (Certified Used)$75.00
7Chauvet Pro Rogue R1x Spot - 4 Pack with Case (Certified Used)$4,000.00
16Chauvet Professional COLORado 3 Solo High Powered Zooming RGBW Static Wash (Certified Used)$1,200.00
8Chauvet Professional Maverick Mk 1 Hybrid Moving Head - 2 Pack with Flight Case (Certified Used)$5,000.00
5Chauvet Professional Ovation E-910FC LED Full Color Ellipsoidal Light Engine ONLY (Certified Used)$800.00
19Chauvet Professional Ovation P-56WW LED Warm White Wash Par (Certified Used)$600.00
8Chauvet Professional Ovation Zoom HD Ellipsoidal Lens - 25°-50° (Certified Used)$200.00
2Chauvet Professional Rogue R2 Spot LED Moving Head (Certified Used)$1,000.00
36Chauvet Professional Strike 1 High Powered LED Blinder / Strobe / Wash (Certified Used)$550.00
20Chauvet Professional Strike 4 High Powered LED Blinder / Strobe / Wash (Certified Used)$725.00
9Chauvet Professional White Ovation E-260WW LED Warm White Ellipsoidal Light Engine ONLY (Certified Used)$700.00
4Crown Audio I-Tech 12000 HD Power Amplifier (Certified Used)$2,800.00
2Elation KL FRESNEL 6 (Factory Re-Certified)$600.00
4Elation Satura Profile LED Moving - 2 Pack with Case (Certified Used)$6,500.00
7Elation SHOW DESIGNER-1 Professional Stage Lighting Controller$600.00
2Elation White Platinum Spot 5R Moving Head (Certified Used)$500.00
5Elation White Satura Profile - 2 Pack with Case (Certified Used)$7,500.00
2Electro-Voice EKX-12 12" Passive Speaker (Factory Re-Certified) - requires amplifier$300.00
1Electro-Voice EKX-12P 12" Powered Speaker (Factory Re-Certified)$475.00
1Electro-Voice EKX-15P 15" Powered Loudspeaker (Factory Re-Certified)$525.00
2ETC SmartFade 2496 DMX Controller with Case (Certified Used)$600.00
9ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal with 19° Lens, 750w Lamp, Clamp and Safety (Certified Used)$200.00
13ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal with 26° Lens, 750w Lamp, Clamp and Safety (Certified Used)$200.00
19ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal with 36° Lens, 750w Lamp, Clamp and Safety (Certified Used)$200.00
12ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal with 50° Lens, 750w Lamp, Clamp and Safety (Certified Used)$200.00
40ETC Source 4 Par with Medium Lens, 750w Lamp, Clamp and Safety (Certified Used)$100.00
16Gator ATA Case for 8x Ellipsoidals (Used)$375.00
1High End Systems Full Boar 4 Lighting Console with Case (Certified Used)$17,550.00
1High End Systems Hog 4 Lighting Console with Case (Certified Used)$22,000.00
3JBL Vertec VT4883 Cardioid Subwoofer - 2 Pack with ATA Case (Certified Used)$4,000.00
8JBL VTX M22 Dual 12" Stage Monitor - 2 Pack with ATA Case (Certified Used)$5,000.00
17Martin MAC Quantum Profile LED Moving Head (Certified Used)$3,500.00
105Martin MAC Viper Performance - 2 Pack with Case (Certified Used)$6,000.00
6Martin Martin MAC Viper AirFX - 2 Pack with Case (Certified Used)$6,000.00
440MBT Par 38 Black Steel Par Can with Philips 150w Equivalent Dimmable Warm White 17w LED Lamp and Clamp (Certified Used)$15.00
2Pioneer PLX-1000 Turntable (Certified Used)$525.00
1Pioneer XPRS115S 15" Reflex Loaded Active Subwoofer (Factory Re-Certified)$800.00
1Pioneer XPRS15 15" Active Loudspeaker (Factory Re-Certified)$700.00
2Pioneer XPRS215S Dual 15" Active Subwoofer$1,050.00
1Presonus AIR15 Loudspeaker (Factory Re-Certified)$360.00
2Presonus ULT10 Active Loudspeaker$580.00
5QSC CSM12 12" 2-Way Stage Monitor (Factory Re-Certified)$2,150.00
17QSC CXD 4.2 Power Amplifier (Factory Recertified)$1,000.00
32QSC CXD 4.3 (Factory Re-Certified)$1,500.00
14QSC CXD 4.5 Processing Amplifier (Factory Re-Certified)$2,000.00
1QSC E110 Passive Loudspeaker$350.00
3QSC E215 Passive Loudspeaker$650.00
5QSC MP-A40V Power Ampflifier (Factory Re-Certified)$1,000.00
13QSC SPA2-200 Power Amplifier (Factory Re-Certified)$440.00
15QSC SPA2-60 Power Amplifier (Factory Re-Certified)$375.00
1QSC TouchMix 16 Digital Mixer (Certified Used)$1,000.00
4QSC White KLA181 Subwoofer with Cover (Certified Used)$1,400.00
1QSC WL212-sw-BK WideLine Dual 12” Flying Subwoofer (Factory Re-Certified)$1,700.00
16QSC WL3082 Wideline 8 Line Array Loudspeaker (Certified Used)$1,800.00
5RCF HDL28-A Powered Line Array (Factory Re-Certified)$2,100.00
1RCF SUB-8004AS 18" High Powered Subwoofer (Certified Used)$2,000.00
2Roland V-800HD MKII Multi-Format Video Switcher (Factory Re-Certified)$4,500.00
1Shure PSM1000 Dual Channel In Ear Monitor System (Certified Used)$3,200.00
2Shure ULX-D Dual Channel Handheld Beta 87A Wireless Microphone System (Certified Used)$2,800.00
1Shure ULX-D Dual Channel Handheld KSM9HS Wireless Microphone System (Certified Used)$3,400.00
1Shure ULX-D Dual Channel Handheld SM58 Wireless Microphone System (Certified Used)$2,600.00
8Shure ULX-D Dual Channel WL185 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System (Certified Used)$2,700.00